100% Homemade, Delicious, Organic Cookie Dough  


Hello, and thanks for stopping by to visit! My name is Krista and I began this business last year as a way to help earn money for college. I never imagined that within a year I would have hundreds of customers in 37 states. I hand-make each batch of cookie dough for the individual customer. This means I can make doughs to fit customer's allergy needs, such as gluten free, vegan and reduced sugar. I began this business with the moto, "eating organic shouldn't taste like cardboard", and I still hold that true. I bake one cookie from every batch before mailing it to make sure that your dough will taste great.

Thanks again for stopping by and helping me afford college,


Top 3 Reasons to Buy Krista's Organic Cookie Dough 

  • Eat ethical! Krista uses only USDA organic baking supplies. She also only uses fair-trade (no child labor involved) chocolate!
  • Put your money to a good cause! Not only support a small business, but all profit helps Krista pay for college!
  • Allergies are no problem! Have a gluten, vegan or soy free diet? No problem! Since each batch is made just for the customer, Krista can adjust recipes to work with most allergy needs! 

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